Michele Woodall - Our resident "Wonder Woman" Gal


Michele knows all the right questions and will WOW you with her ability to get at the heart of an issue. As a single working mom, her experience ranged from owning her own business to a leader in the corporate world. Her journey led her reaching out to help hurting people with a passion and genuine understanding of women’s challenges.

My Moxie: "Facing my fears on a continual basis."

What makes me laugh out loud?  Being around my girlfriends and my grandsons.

Favorite quiet moments? The beach, the beach, the beach.

What do you get “gritty” about? I want women to be their best and am willing to put myself out there to help women win against their insecurities and fears.


Mary Ann Sibley - Our Ninja Gal


She is speedy, stealthy (you may not see her coming or going but her influence can’t be missed) and mighty with vision and a can-do attitude. Mary Ann’s path includes working in the corporate world and a church. This new season provides her the opportunity to cheer women to go for it!

My Moxie: "Digging into groups where I feel I don't fit in."

What makes me laugh out loud?   Anytime I’m with Michele, the laughter just goes on and on.

Favorite quiet moments? Reading, naps, reading and naps.

What do you get “gritty” about? When I hear women believe the lies that they are not enough and when women compete with one another rather than support, encourage and help other women succeed – I will run to the messiness All. Day. Long.


TOGETHER, these two gals bring their whole selves – they are authentic and transparent for the purpose of paving the way for other women to find or express their own Moxie!
How do you both work out differing opinions?.......We dance it out!
No really – what do you do?.....Really, we dance. With or without music…we always have something playing in one of our heads.
What is the biggest difference between each of you?    
Michele here: “She likes to eat…all the time and I don’t.”
Mary Ann here: “She likes to over-process things and I don’t.”
What do you have in common?....CAKE! And our love for Jesus.
What have you learned so far in putting together Moxie? ...That we, as women, are not alone and that women are hungry for authentic and transparent community.